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Software Development & integration

Access a transformational suite of cloud-based software solutions.

“Humans are tool builders. Build tools that can dramatically amplify innate human abilities.”

Steve Jobs

Tech-savvy and distinctly specific

ONE Agency develops unique, proprietary software and data management tools built on the delivery model of software as a service (SaaS). Our products support lead generation, e-commerce, ad tracking, engagement, and various data management and analytics needs across multiple verticals.

Get even more

As the developer and provider of a transformational suite of cloud-based software solutions, ONE Agency facilitates robustly granular and integrated digital campaign management, omni-channel communications and engagement, customer journey management, and real-time analytics.

Empower your
marketing team

Working as an extension of your team, our software empowers marketers with real-time insights and tracking, unifying data and informing effective campaigns and services.

Stay secure and

Beyond customer experience (CX) is the wholly client-focused concept of customer-centricity. Our software prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface, empowering you to manage workflows efficiently.

Scale up

Get software that delivers the scalability, security, and reliability your organization demands. Designed for flexibility, our software is built with spindle wheel API architecture, integrating with most CRMs and data programs used today.

Meet myONE Dash

Broaden your view into campaign performance with MyONE Dash. MyONE Dash offers a powerful suite of digital marketing and campaign management software that provides visibility into the quantity of leads and sales a campaign generates, along with key factors, including cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), impressions, spend, click-through rates (CPL) and ad performance on a creative level. myONE Dash consumes data from Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, targeted web landing pages, third-party providers, client-identified data, and other platforms, while delivering easily accessible, detailed performance metrics and insights on each campaign.

myONE Dash Insights key features include:

  • Lead generation insights and reporting
  • e-Commerce insights and reporting
  • Page analytics
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myONE Dash CRM

myONE Dash CRM is a feature-rich, built-in CRM that compiles the complete lifetime journey of every contact that is made. Although it is not intended to replace existing CRM platforms, it can be used as a primary source of truth or work in parallel as a highly secure and scalable platform that transacts data to its final resting place.

Key features:

  • Contains all details of all contacts, including full name, phone, email, etc.
  • Includes navigation details such as audience targeting powered by pixel data
  • Communications history (SMS, voice, email, ringless voicemail)
  • All transaction logs including opt-in, ecommerce transactions, API logs, navigation automations
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myONE Dash Automations

myONE Dash Automations is the automation, integration, and execution engine that powers all myONE Dash platforms. Automations enables myONE Dash to connect with existing platforms or third-party platforms, consume and produce API endpoint data, transform data (ETL) to make it system agnostic, and trigger actions to drive data driven processes.

Key features:

  • API-driven platform with fully customizable plugins for all third-party integrations
  • Time based execution triggering capabilities
  • Stepped and tiered triggering logic allowing for if/then logic to enable highly granular execution of events
  • Message queue (message broker service)
  • Detailed logging
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myONE Dash DataCloud

Imagine a single source of truth with over 220 million records and 4.4 Billion Data Fields. That’s the power of myONE DataCloud, built with trust-worthy 1st and 3rd-party sources. With myONE DataCloud, we can reverse-append data to enrich what we know about prospects and customers, plus you can process billions of data fields to fill the gaps in your customer files.

Here's how myONE DataCloud supercharges your success:

  • Find the right people: Reach the perfect prospects with telephone append, email append, and demographic insights.
  • Boost customer loyalty: Retain happy customers with targeted marketing that resonates.
  • Get a complete picture: Uncover hidden potential in your existing customer base.
  • Stop wasting time and money on guesswork. Get the data you need to win!
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myONE Go

myONE Go is a URL shortener with a powerful set of configuration capabilities, simplifying how you direct users to select URLs when they need to be there and redirecting them when they shouldn’t.

Key features:

  • Time-based redirection
  • Event based redirection (Once the URL has been triggered, users can be directed to an alternative URL)
  • Tiered redirection
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myONE Dot

myONE Dot is a cookie-less pixel application that provides robust and highly granular website navigation and behavioral tracking and analytics. The Pixel works hand-in-hand with Facebook and Google pixels. Digital marketing design initiatives can be enhanced and refined by focusing on data-driven behavioral analytics. myONE Dot is responsible for delivering details on web user navigation preferences, layout functionality, site timing performance, plus providing a clear picture of how users see creatives on their devices while keeping end-user privacy.

Key features:

  • Detailed navigation metrics (visits, clicks, leads generated)
  • Navigation Heatmap (virtual user navigation)
  • Detailed device data (browser, screen size, OS)
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Booking Engine

myONE Booking Engine is a full-service booking engine platform that enables management of inventory availability, real-time calendar booking with direct web integration, API driven inventory loading, and certificate generation. The Booking Engine platform is fully web administrable, enabling up-to-the-minute adjustments of offer details and availability.

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myONE Dash integrates seamlessly with every major platform out there.

ONE Agency.

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