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& Retargeting

Bring customers back to buy.

“If you can change 10 lives you can get the next 50.”

Seth Godin

Produce an outstanding
amount of ROI

Whether you’re executing a digital marketing campaign to drive brand awareness, increase website conversions, or move your customers to perform a specific call to action, remarketing and retargeting can produce an outstanding amount of ROI. Retargeting shows ads to website visitors who left without buying. We bring them back with relevant messaging, boosting sales & maximizing your marketing impact.

Get eyes on your website
with retargeting

Retargeting code can be set to cookie all users who visit your website, in a more broad spectrum use, or visitors that only visit a certain page of your website, in a more targeted use that responds to specific behavioral intents.

Become relevant
in search mode

Serve ads to users who have conducted a search for your brand, product or service or relevant keywords on top search engines. This mode of retargeting is used to get back in front of users whose search history indicates that your product or service is relevant to them.

Make your strategy dynamic

Use dynamic technology to serve up products and ad content based on behavioral information, a customer profile or relevant content from your website that the user may be interested in purchasing.

Get super specific

Retarget customers who have checked out a specific product on your website. This granular type of site retargeting serves up the product they showed interest in but did not purchase, or a similar item to what they’ve already purchased in ad copy on other sites.

Remarket to users
across the web

Reach users who visit various websites and social channels, including, major news sites like MSNBC or FOX and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can even remarket to people when they’re in their inbox through Gmail Ads.

Some examples of how you can retarget:

  • Organic visitors to your website
  • Visitors to your website arriving through paid search (PPC)
  • People who have searched for products or services relevant to a user’s search query
  • High-value B2C decisions such as buying a high-value product or booking a vacation
  • Long lead time B2B decisions for vendors, services, training or conference packages, where there’s a significant amount of research or consultation with others, such that it’s unlikely a buying conversion will occur in just one visit.
  • Seasonal purchases – deposit cookies in advance of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or pre-Christmas.

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