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“It’s important to remember your competitor is only one click away.”

Douglas Warner III

Explore the ecosystems of Google & Microsoft

Grow your marketing programs with paid search, which sits at both the center, the top and the bottom of not just the Google and Microsoft ecosystems but the digital ecosystem and paid media landscape as a whole.

Don’t let paid search be a pain in the bottom

Keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Search, plus the constant Google keyword updates, by leveraging our team of “algo-holics.”

Marry paid search data, automations and proprietary tech

Data within paid search is the new quality score. All search queries ever born, searched or considered have a liquid gold sentiment: data. Generate data from every touchpoint, interaction and field and put that to work in your campaigns. And because data isn’t always retroactive, we’ll help you set the stage for campaign success with correct data foundations, systems and automations.

Get more control over quality

Expanded text Ads, exact match and phrase match used to mean we could directly align the three forgotten principles of Paid Search: search query, search ad, landing page. But quality score is the second multiplier to your Ad Rank. Let us help you control the changes happening in the entire landscape of Search through a holistic Paid Media strategy.

Treat intent with a 3-D lens

Intent is now a 3-D world of search queries, time and humans: take a thousand profile ID’s with the same search query and they’ll never be the same. Through AI and proprietary tech, ONE Agency has automated first-draft intent verification within paid search, enabling a system that buckets not just search terms and keywords but intent.

Capture events across devices with GA-4

Combine proprietary tech data with GA4 events, custom dimensions and metrics and contextually serve ads to and message users based on their on-site and on-app actions, as well as reverse appended data you receive from ONE Agency.

With Google Analytics 4, we’re now able to combine the two long-lost principles of accurate audience marketing:

1. Accurate transactional data.

2. User behavior data – onsite and off site. MyONEDash ties these together, generating media-applicable data to your paid search and media campaigns, enabling transactional data (at the user level with transaction IDs) directly with a users’ onsite behaviors and engagements.

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Paid Social

Scale up your lead generation, e-commerce, call-in and in-store visit campaigns with Meta platforms and beyond.

Programmatic Advertising

Take advantage of advertising inventory, everywhere it exists online.

Persuasive Creative

See how the power of immersive creative designed for humans can increase your conversions exponentially.

Integrate Seamlessly

Referral Engine integrates seamlessly with every platform out there.

ONE Agency.

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