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Paid social media

Leverage our social media advertising expertise to attract, engage, convert and inspire

“Show humans what they want, even though they didn’t know they needed it now. That’s the power of social media advertising.”

ONE Agency

Mega experience with Meta

Partner with the best. We’ve grown our business, client base and revenue by leveraging Meta platforms to uber-target their billions of users on Facebook and Instagram by interests, purchasing behaviors, demographics, geo-location and–more than we can type here. Each one of team members are Meta advertising experts, from creative to development.

Scroll-stopping ad creatives

Captivating visuals, engaging copy, and persuasive calls-to-action are essential elements of successful social media advertising. Our creative team crafts visually stunning and compelling ads that resonate with your target audience, driving higher click-through rates and conversions.

Audience targeting

Leveraging advanced targeting capabilities we ensure your ads reach the right audience segment at the right time. In addition to leveraging first-party data from your own sources, we also utilize third-party data sets to expand your reach and ensure even greater precision and effectiveness in reaching your target audience.

Strategic Campaign planning

Let our team of experts meticulously craft customized paid social media advertising campaigns tailored to your business objectives.  By analyzing demographics, interests, behaviors, and other relevant data points, we maximize the impact of your advertising budget.

Continuous Optimization

Maximize results. ONE Agency tracks performance, analyzes behavior, and refines targeting for continuous ad optimization. Your ads always reach the right audience.

Comprehensive data analysis

Uncover hidden insights. We analyze data and connect it to ad platforms, pinpointing your ideal audience for hyper-targeted campaigns.

Be seen & convert across social platforms

Craft platform-specific campaigns to leverage strengths: Facebook’s targeting, Instagram’s visuals, Twitter’s conversations, LinkedIn’s connections, TikTok’s creativity. Drive engagement, awareness & conversions – all with maximum impact.

ONE Meta platform, endless possibilites

Tailor Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp ads for specific goals: Generate leads, drive sales, boost in-store visits, ignite “Call Now” actions, or launch immersive Instant Experiences. One platform suite, endless possibilities.

Spark conversations on messenger

Reach customers directly with personalized messages, instant support & product recommendations.

Put social media advertising to work

What problem are you solving today? We’ve done it all – let’s go!

  • Get more sales & revenue
  • Generate leads
  • Drive video views
  • Re-engage customers
  • Promote my website
  • Retarget site visitors
  • Launch new programs
  • Reach people on the DNC list
  • Grow my social presence
  • Drive app downloads
  • Build my brand

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ONE Agency.

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