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Data solutions

Structure. Target. Thrive. Maximize data for peak performance.

I want to reach Honda Odyssey owners living in Suffolk County, New York who have purchased Vlasic pickles in the past 6 months.

ONE Agency (Yes, we can do that).

We’ve partnered with the biggest dogs of “big data”

Utilizing our relationship with our big data partners, we’ll maximize your Meta advertising, targeting your message to your market based on 35 MILLION consumer data sets.

Target segments beyond just demographics

Big Data unlocks hyper-targeted ads based on transactions, online behaviors, credit card types, credit lines & usage, affinities, viewership and so much more. Reach the right audience, at the right time, and maximize ROI.

Here’s how Big Data works

Big Data works 24/7 in the background to tie together online and offline transactional spending data, behavioral data, mortgage data, cable TV and streaming data, change of address data and more to create Digital Personas on consumers. Acxiom, for example, possesses more than 3,000 data points per person in the United States. These data companies have made this data available to enable select Agencies like ONE Agency, allowing us the ability to display highly relevant ads to the appropriate audiences through Custom Targeting.

Build digital avatars

Direct access to Big Data has transformed the way we architect audience strategies for clients.

  • Baseline Targeting
    We start by learning about your baseline targeting requirements, such as age, income ranges or creditworthy indicators, and then discover affinities, in-market propensities, transactional activities and behavioral data that would apply to your segmentations.
  • Leverage Segments
    Then, we release and leverage these segments to your whitelisted Ad Account in Meta, Google & Programmatic campaigns.
  • Custom Audiences
    We’re obsessed with creating custom audiences for our clients, which are no longer accessible in the native Facebook Ads Manager platform, with the removal of Partner Categories.
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Conquer your competitors

Share your top 5 competitors with us, and we’ll work with our partners at AMEX, Visa/Mastercard and more to develop a custom Conquest audience based on transactional data that will put you in front of credit card superusers to make you look more relevant than the brand they’ve been loyal to for years.

Privacy-Compliant & trusted data

Our Data Partners are active members of trade associations in the countries where they conduct business and comply with all self-regulatory guidelines and local laws. ONE Agency, on behalf of our clients, requires that consumers are informed about how information is used through a clear privacy policy and easy opt-out choices.

Welcome to real time performance transparency

Not just another dashboard. myONE Dash™ gives clients real-time access into campaign insights, including cost per lead or acquisition, creative performance on an ad and landing page level, plus a suite of proprietary tools that integrate with any client or vendor platform available today.

Orchestrate data unification

Let us orchestrate & clean information across your systems, giving you clear insights to inform future decisions.

ONE data foundation

We unify data, cleanse & enrich profiles, for targeted marketing & personalized experiences.

Resolve customer identities

Better understand who’s visiting your website through our Identity Resolution service, and use that previously untapped information for new custom campaigns.

Create a structure ready for the future

Build a secure and scalable data foundation ready for growth and ever-changing regulations.

Make data science actionable

Uncover hidden insights, predict trends & personalize experiences. Data turned into decisions.

Enrich your first-party data

Transform your customer database of emails, phone numbers, or addresses into richer profiles for targeted marketing.

Explore more ways to leverage data

Marketing Automation

Turn anonymous visitor, prospect or existing customer data into a series of automated touchpoints that nurture them into action.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Find your visitors again, remind them what’s in it for them, and why they should take action now.

Customer Engagement

Leverage our proprietary 5-phase customer journey designed to attract, engage, convert and inspire, turning your prospects into buyers.

Integrate Seamlessly

myONE Dash™ is not just another dashboard – it includes a suite of proprietary tools that integrate with any client or vendor platform available today.

ONE Agency.

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