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ONE Agency

We are a Customer Acquisition Digital Growth Agency.

Our mission

ONE Agency orchestrates hyper-growth for market dominators.

Through a fusion of our proprietary tech stack, persuasive creative and actionable data analytics, we deliver performance-driven digital strategies that propel brands to achieve lasting market leadership.

Our story

ONE Agency was co-founded by serial techpreneurs John and Marcia Rowley and Jason and Brooke Tremblay. John and Marcia Rowley are cruise and resort industry icons known for creating global companies International Cruise & Excursions (ICE) enterprise, and now Open Network Exchange (ONE). Jason and Brooke Tremblay are digital agency entrepreneurs, who through their performance marketing teams have massively scaled new customer acquisition programs on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the hospitality industry.

Focused on customer experience (CX)

ONE Agency delivers a customer experience consistent with customer intent and preferences. We deliver the right message, at the right moment via the right channel, wrapped in immersive and conversion-centric creative that resonates. We believe  customer journey can be, and should be unique and personal.

The ONE Agency leadership team

John & Marcia Rowley

Investors & Managing Members

John and Marcia Rowley are founders and former owners of International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) and now Co-Founders and Executive Chairmen of ONE (Open Network Exchange). The Rowleys have a diverse investment portfolio encompassing established and emerging companies across various industries, including real estate, finance, travel, wine, tech and several charity foundations.

Jason Tremblay

Chief Executive Officer

A digital marketing and advertising visionary, Jason has built and sold several B2C marketing companies in travel & hospitality. He leverages his expertise in performance marketing and the development of proprietary, human-centric tech platforms to drive new customer acquisition for clients. Prior to launching ONE Agency with the Rowleys, Jason and Brooke founded & led two of INC 5000’s Fastest-Growing companies. He currently oversees ONE Agency’s expansion and innovation and is also the CEO of, a contact center and marketing company delivering quality tours to some of the timeshare industry’s largest brands. Jason is always looking for “what’s in it for the customer,” believes in the Golden Rule and leads with positivity, passion, and his eye on what customers want next.

Brooke Tremblay

Chief Marketing Officer

Brooke is a creative, communications and digital advertising strategist, passionate about unifying messaging with persuasive, conversion-centric design. A brand-builder and content architect, Brooke’s expertise at ONE Agency lies in determining exactly what will move a user to take action and making that central to client campaigns. Prior to 2014 when she joined forces with Jason to create and grow both a digital advertising agency and contact center, Brooke led the social media marketing, public relations, internal communications and corporate social responsibility programs for one of the largest privately held vacation ownership companies. Brooke leads with endless energy, focus, heart and determination – and loves to make the team laugh.

Elizabeth Hale

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Hale is the CFO of ONE Agency and the CEO and founder of eeCPA tax and accounting firm. Elizabeth transforms growth-minded companies and for more than 30 years has helped entrepreneurs, investors, family offices and commercial real estate developers pinpoint new and creative avenues for growth.

Steven Ruddy

Chief Creative Officer

Steven is an artist and persuasive design architect. Intuitive and empathetic by nature, Steven says he’s finished with a design before he begins; like Michaelangelo, he just has to chip away at it so that it can reveal itself. As Chief Creative Officer at ONE Agency, Steven’s creative team has placed their distinctive “thumb-stopping” design style on countless digital advertising campaigns. He possesses a rare blend of understanding consumer-focused messaging and translating it into conversion-focused design. An accomplished persuasive strategist and visual architect, Steven leads a talented team of digital designers, video editors and copywriters. Steven’s performance creative style comes from a place of seeing ahead and knowing innately what people want. He leads with courage, wit, and gratitude.

Ezra Herrera

Chief Technology Officer

Ezra, a high-performance software architect and entrepreneur with 28+ years of experience, thrives on creating innovative and smart software solutions. As an accomplished developer at heart, he crafts highly efficient and user-friendly platforms. Throughout his career, Ezra has built impressive solutions for renowned Latin American institutions including Microsoft SWAT Team.  Currently, as CTO at ONE Agency, he leads the architecture of myONE Dash and spearheads all the technology that fuels our creative campaigns. Ezra leads his team of developers with a big heart and vision.

Oskar diaz de Leon

Chief Commercial Officer

Oskar is a digital growth fanatic and has mastered the ability to turn complex ideas into solutions tailored to specific client needs. As the former VP of Digital Solutions for a privately held resort development company and with a background in software engineering and MBA in technology management, Oskar had led teams focused on customer engagement and product innovation and development. Today, Oskar is the Chief Commercial Officer for the ONE companies, where he makes client’s visions of digital expansion possible by connecting the dots and bringing the right people together.

Suzanne Mora

Senior Vice President, Agency Operations

Suzanne (Suz) is an operational leader and manages ONE Agency’s production team, as well as ensures client success. Always thinking about roadmaps, what-ifs, internal workflow, client dependencies, low-hanging fruit and how to expedite go-to-market timelines, Suz makes execution top of mind for the team. Suz’s expertise extends from everyday operations and project management to customer journey mapping. She is known for her demos, how-to videos and tutorials, and for always lending a helping hand to our clients and team members. In the midst of working with eccentric creatives, Suz has a firm grip on reality and leads with persistence, process and genuine care to always do the right thing.

Jonathan Floril

Vice President Paid Media

Jonathan is a performance marketer and paid media strategist with a focus on delivering targeted, personalized and engaging advertising with measurable ROI. While holding many roles during his career, he worked with brands like Topps Cards, The Biltmore Hotel and 4Ocean. Jonathan was an early pioneer in Facebook Ads having started managing paid media campaigns for businesses at the infancy of the platform. Under his leadership, the ONE Agency team manages paid social and paid search campaigns for some of the most well-known brands in hospitality and beyond, staying ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

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